TechnicalPan comes back ...

TechnicalPan is back again.

In better quality, with more resolution, with more halftones, for expose-latitude with more than 10 stops, with more contrast in usual developers for scientific use.

  • Extended red sensitivity up to 700 nanometers,
  • the blue-sensitivity has been reduced, so yellow filtration is no longer needed,
  • the maximum density has been increased for excellent reversal slide production,
  • the new HDR-Gigabitfilm® chemistry allows a wide tolerance for over exposure up to 10 stops of overexposure,
  • No-fail-Technology for fool-proof developement,
  • high or ultrahigh contrast can be achived with high contrast conventional developers.

Photographer's that miss the characteristics of Kodak's discontinued Technical Pan TP 2415/6415 films will welcome the improvements of the new Gigabitfilm film GTP ISO-32 film.

The new enhanced Gigabitfilm is ready for go in 135/36. The Gigabitfilm as a rollfilm will follow.

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